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Dragonfly is a holistic hub dedicated to the art of inner transformation.

With decades of experience, our team of expert facilitators host retreats across Europe using ancestral medicines such as ayahuasca and bufo alvarius, as well as in the UK using Kambo.

We work in a non-traditional way, combining the ancient medicines with deep psychological integration. This combination of indigenous remedies with cutting edge Western integrative techniques opens a space for each participant to move beyond patterns and belief systems which are keeping them stuck in life, and move towards the potential, beginning to live a truly fulfilling life from the heart. 

The people who attend our retreats often go on to leave behind addictions, unfulfilling relationships or careers, 

Our method is that there is no method, our technique is that there is no technique. Only by connecting, from the heart and with love, to each moment, can we be present and hold the space for whatever needs to arise.

We see that only by bringing together the new and the old is healing possible. Opening to all possibilities, and realising that there is a space for everything - the ancient and the new, the light and the dark, the joy and the despair.

By welcoming everything, we open to a new possibility of WHOLENESS, going beyond any rejection, and welcoming the entire spectrum of who we are. Accepting ourselves in fullness and totality, and remembering our true, divine, essence.

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Kambo Sessions

Boost your Immune System

Cleanse Body, Mind & Spirit

  • Includes preparation, kambo session, integration, and after support

    120 British pounds
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