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Dragonfly is a holistic hub dedicated exclusively to the art of inner transformation.

Founded in 2019, our team of experts host retreats in the UK using a number of holistic therapies and techniques including
yoga, breathwork, trauma release and meditation, as well as offering private sessions of Kambo throughout the UK.

We also host retreats throughout Europe with the use of ancestral medicines including ayahuasca, bufo alvarius, and kambo.

Using these elements as tools, we create environments and situations where the individual can look inside,
leading to the inevitable - the evolution of human consciousness.

Our facilitators are trained to hold space for each person who arrives and decides to enter into a process with us, being held by love, support, and respect, as we allow each person to confront themselves and to see, and transcend, the limitations that are carried.


Our philosophy

We support individuals to reach a state of inner wholeness, to reach a moment of unconditional acceptance with what is.
By entering into this moment of unity, and acceptance of opposites and paradoxes, a state of centredness and peace arises.

We are not against or "anti-" anything, understanding that devoting ourselves to be against something is defining ourselves by the thing which we are fighting against. However, we comprehend that it's necessary to pass through and give space to these stages of rejection and rebellion in the journey of healing.

Everyone is welcome in our retreats, regardless of political views, religion, race, sexuality, gender, age, or any other perceived separation. We operate from a space beyond ideology and belief systems, allowing each participant to reconnect with their own divinity and innocence.


Events Calendar

Has the moment arrived for you to go beyond yourself?


Kambo Sessions

Boost your Immune System

Cleanse Body, Mind & Spirit

  • Includes preparation, kambo session, integration, and after support

    160 British pounds
  • Includes preparation, kambo session, integration, and after support

    120 British pounds

Dragonfly Shop

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Contact Arron:

07428034617 (WhatsApp available)

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