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Kambo Circle in Calderdale
Kambo Circle in Calderdale

Sun, 08 Jan


Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire

Kambo Circle in Calderdale

A January group Kambo cleanse in West Yorkshire to welcome the New Year

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Time & Location

08 Jan 2023, 11:00 – 15:00

Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire

About the Retreat


On 8 January 2023, Arron and Jade will be sharing Kambo in Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire. It's a chance to cleanse, detox, and let go of the things that are no longer serving us as we head into a new year. If you've been interested in working with plant medicines or coming to retreats for some time, but are hesitant, this can be a great introductory session. Alternatively, if you've worked with medicines before but feel you need a reset and a refresh as we head into the New Year, this is for you.


Kambo is a secretion taken from the Giant Monkey Frog, which lives in the Amazon Rainforest. It's applied to some small burns which are made through the top two layers of skin. What follows is a process of release - letting go of physical toxins, emotions, and heavy thought patterns which no longer serve us in life. As well as being a physical purge, there's often an emotional and mental purge that happens as well. 

Kambo sessions can sometimes be unpleasant - as the process brings to the surface uncomfortable feelings and symptoms that we've been avoiding in life, so that they can be released - ushering in a new period of life, with renewed energy, hope and clarity.

After Kambo people report feeling lighter, more determined, and more fearless in life. Often problems that have plagued us for some time begin to lift, and new opportunities begin to arrive in life as we can approach the world with clear vision. Kambo is traditionally used to treat depression, anxiety, Parkinson's, Psoriasis, eczema, cluster headaches, migraines, cancer, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, Lyme Disease, addictions, HIV and other autoimmune conditions, infertility, and many many more conditions. Anecdotally there are thousands of reports of people who have experienced huge increases in quality of life from these conditions after Kambo (feel free to have a Google!) 

Kambo is an individual experience - no two sessions are the same. The sessions have an innate intelligence, and bring exactly what is needed for that particular moment of life.


The circle will begin with a preparation and sharing circle, to begin to bring to the surface the emotions and issues that are ready to be brought into the light. We'll share some information about what the session involves, and begin to create a field of trust, openness and compassion. Our expert team will then open the circle and hold and support each person lovingly as they enter into the Kambo process. Following the session, we'll share smoothies with the group and open a space to share the things that have moved for each one. The sessions will include expert integration throughout, as well as any support needed before and after the session.


Generally the people who attend our retreats and sessions feel a pull towards them - something deep within our being feels drawn to the medicines and connected, eager to find out more. This curious pull of the soul leads the way.

There are a few medical conditions which are contraindications for Kambo. The most significant of these are heart conditions, pregnancy, organ transplants, and pace-makers. If you have any queries around whether Kambo is right for you, please feel free to reach out and our medical doctor will you individually to ensure it's safe for you to join us, and whether you'd need to take any specific precautions.


Arron and Jade have over 11 years of combined experience working with different plant medicines all over the world, hosting and supporting thousands of people through processes of Inner Evolution, with love, care, directness, honesty, and compassion. To find out more about them, click Meet the Team.


The session cost is £105. A £30 deposit is payable to reserve your space, with the balance payable on the day when you arrive. Please note that deposits are non-refundable except in circumstances where we're unable to offer you kambo due to guidance from our doctor. The deposit represents a commitment from the heart to attend and enter into the process.


If you'd like more information, or to reserve your space, click "REGISTER INTEREST" below and complete your details and one of our team will reach out to you. Alternatively, you can contact Arron via WhatsApp on 07428 034617. We're available to answer any questions you might have, or to discuss your situation in more depth.

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