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A hand-made bamboo Kuripé, available in a number of different colours.


Hapé is traditionally projected by blowing using shamanic tools known as Tipis or Kuripés.


It is a self-projector, and is a small V-shaped tube that connects the mouth and nostril, and allows a user to project independently.


Hapé is projected in both nostrils, balancing the two energy meridians of the body, the right (or yang) side is associated with the masculine while the left (or ying) with the feminine. For this reason, it must always be applied in both holes, so the energy meridians are aligned. 

Kuripé Projector

  • It is good to clean the rapé projector regularly, you can use a clean cloth, and alcohol. Care must be taken to prevent the adhesives that hold the bamboo V tubes from peeling off.

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