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Founder & Facilitator

Formerly an accounting consultant, Arron has been working with ancient medicines since 2014 and running retreats throughout Europe since 2017, before founding Dragonfly in 2019. As well as completing a three-year apprenticeship in Europe, he has spent time in the Colombian Amazon and has been initiated into the Bwiti, the Gabonese tradition centred around the use of Iboga.

Dr. Mauricio Albanes

Doctor & Medical Support

Mauricio is a medical doctor and surgeon, located in Spain. Following a near death experience some years ago, Mauricio has spent the last four years studying entheogenic substances and kambo in great detail. He provides advice to our team to reduce any medical risks associated with the work we carry out.




After spending over 10 years travelling the world, Jade now works in childcare and as a natural medicine facilitator. Jade has been working with a range of meditation techniques and holistic healing methodologies for a number of years, and shares these during our retreats.

Lisa Rose

Product Manager

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