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My experience with Dragonfly

I first came across dragonfly at the beginning of 2020 while looking for a trustworthy kambo facilitator. After a number of very difficult years in my life I felt very lost and alone. The first experience was my kambo treatment and to be honest was feeling very nervous leading up to the treatment. As soon as Arron arrived he put me at ease straight away with his kind, gentle loving approach and I felt safe at at ease throughout the experience. This soon lead me to attending my first ayahuasca retreat. Once again for obvious reasons I was extremely nervous not knowing what to expect but with arron’s calm nature I soon relaxed and fully embraced the experience. At all times I felt safe and secure even though the first retreat was a very difficult journey for me. It was incredible how much past trauma I released over that weekend. The integration sessions following day for each ceremony were incredible. Arron was the perfect mirror helping me understand my experience in a firm but fair way and definitely excelled my expectations. I have now attended 4 retreats with dragonfly and soon to attend another and look forward to many more. I have also had 5 bufo sessions with Arron and at all times knew I was in very safe hands while experiencing this incredible medicine. I have no hesitation whatsoever recommending dragonfly and Arron and look forward to many more years stepping into the unknown as the growth I have already experienced is mind blowing.

Thank you Dragonfly and Arron for making me understand myself and believing in myself like never before you have assisted me in turning my life around. With love, Scott

Plant Medicine

I have been aware of ayahuasca for some years but never felt inclined to travel alone to South America or to participate in what I felt to be vastly overpriced retreats closer to home. So when I was introduced to Dragonfly in March 2020 I jumped at the opportunity! Obviously nervous before the first ceremony, I was reassured by Arrons calm gentle demeanour. In fact from the first voice mail he left me I was in no doubt as to his genuine care, authenticity, ability to both hold space and challenge as necessary. My confidence in him has proved well founded both as facilitator and in offering integration. My personal experiences with the plant medicines - I have now drunk ayahuasca 11 times and been given Kambo and Bufo - have been extraordinary to say the least. My first ceremony left me feeling total absolute unconditional love for my mother that I had not had contact with for 40 years. It was no coincidence that she passed away only a couple of weeks later. From there my experience of self and love and my role in life has gotten deeper, simpler and more profound all at once. I am of course infinitely grateful for all I have been given and do not hesitate in recommending Arron and Dragonfly to all who are called. 🙏💫💜

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