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4 Night Retreat in Malaga - Summer Solstice
4 Night Retreat in Malaga - Summer Solstice

Wed, 19 Jun


Near Malaga, Spain

4 Night Retreat in Malaga - Summer Solstice

A three or four night retreat in a beautiful villa in the Spanish mountains with ayahuasca, kambo, bufo, integration, swimming pool and spa facilities

Time & Location

19 Jun 2024, 19:00 CEST – 23 Jun 2024, 13:30 CEST

Near Malaga, Spain

About the Retreat


As the days reach their longest, join us for a three-night celebration of life, existence and all that is as we return to our home in the mountains of Malaga to host a retreat with ancestral remedies. A wonderful villa with swimming pools, sauna, steam room, and beautiful views sets the backdrop for this midsummer retreat.

What are our retreats?

Our retreats use a combination of ancestral plant medicines and Western integrative techniques to open a space for each person who attends to go back to the heart. We support each individual to enter into a space of expanded consciousness, going outside of the programming that we live in on a day-to-day basis and being able to step outside of it, to let it go and dare to open to something new.

The ancestral tools we use allow us to see ourselves and our conditioning much more clearly, reaching new levels of comprehension about ourselves, life, and others. We see that it's important to follow an experience like this with integrative support, ensuring that each person reaches the moment where they embody these new understandings and take them back to their own lives, creating lasting transformation.

We don't preach any dogma or ideology or require that you believe anything new. Instead, we allow you to examine your own existing beliefs, so that you can decide whether they are still true for you, and continue to serve a purpose in your life. We open a space for you to make the unconscious conscious, so you can see the ideas and structures that have been governing your life without you realising it.

We’ll be sharing ayahuasca every night of this three-night retreat, with integration sessions each morning. Optional sessions of kambo and bufo will be available throughout the retreat for those who feel drawn to these medicines, and at the discretion of our facilitators - depending on the process of each one.

We work in a non-traditional way, utilising elements from many different traditions but not following any strict dogma or way of doing things. Rather, we open a space to allow life to bring whatever is needed in each moment, allowing life to surprise us. The retreats are a journey into the unknown - where everyone who attends enters into the mystery, creating the space to go beyond themselves, and to encounter something new.

The vast majority of people who attend our retreats go on to make significant, lasting, positive changes in life in the months and years afterwards, with many letting go of addictions, unfulfilling relationships, careers which no longer serve, and often recovering from mental health conditions and the impact of trauma. Participants begin to see life in a new way, reconnecting with trust in everything that is. 

We support each individual to live from their potential, manifesting the innate gifts that they have been born with, living from the heart and beginning to create what they were destined for.

Who are the team?

Our expert team have decades of experience working with ancestral medicines, and being able to connect and meet other people from a real, human space. As well as skilled integrators and facilitators, our team is supported by a medical doctor who can assess each person for their suitability to attend and a psychotherapist who can provide ongoing support to any participant who feels drawn to it. Check our Meet the Team page for more information.

What are the facilities?

We'll be staying in two beautiful houses, situated next door to each other, in the mountains near Malaga, Spain. The houses each have their own private swimming pool, as well as a sauna or steam room. These facilities can be accessed in the afternoons of the retreat outside of the sessions that are occurring. The main house has a large ceremony room with incredible views over the mountains, which is where we’ll be hosting the sessions. Accommodation is in rooms shared with only one or two other people, with each room having either an en-suite or its own private bathroom.

Temperatures in Malaga in May reach the mid-twenties.

What is the cost?

The total cost for this retreat is:

£930 for four nights

£750 for three nights (from Thursday - Sunday) 

Note that a discount is available for Spanish / European residents who don't require transfers. The cost includes everything you need while you’re with us: transport to and from Malaga airport, accommodation, food, the sessions, integration, and any support needed before and after the retreat. Please note that optional sessions of kambo carry an extra charge of £120 per session, or £300 for three, and bufo alvarius sessions carry an extra charge of £150 per session.

Please note that we don't charge for the medicines, but for the expert accompaniment and support you'll receive from our team during the experience.

A £200 deposit is payable on booking to reserve the space, with the balance payable on arrival. Please note that deposits paid are non-refundable (unless our Doctor determines that you're unable to attend for medical reasons), and represent the solid commitment from the heart to enter into and complete the process.

What is the timetable?

Wednesday 19th June

1500-1900: arrival & transfers

1800-1930: registration of four night participants

2000-2200: preparation

2200-late: ayahuasca session

Thursday 20th June, Friday 21st June & Saturday 22nd June

0800-0900: kambo (optional)

0900-1100: breakfast

1100-1300: integration

1300-1430: bufo alvarius (optional - Saturday only)

1400-1500: lunch

1500-2000: rest

1800-1930: registration of three night participants (Thursday only)

2000-2200: preparation

2200-late: ayahuasca session

Sunday 23rd June

0800-0900: kambo (optional)

0900-1030: breakfast

1030-1300: integration

1300: lunch

13:30 onwards: close and transfers

How do I get more information?

If you'd like any more information to feel if what we offer resonates with you, or if you'd like to come along, please reach out anytime - either using the contact or chat function on this site, or by phone / WhatsApp on +447428 034 617. Otherwise, you can click "Register Interest" below and leave your details, and a member of our team will be in touch over the next couple of days.

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