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Meet the Team

Who We Are



Founder & Facilitator

Arron has eight years' experience working with ancient medicines, running retreats all around Europe before founding Dragonfly in 2019. As well as completing a three-year apprenticeship in Europe, he has spent time in the Colombian Amazon and has been initiated into the Bwiti, the Gabonese tradition centred around the use of Iboga. Arron supports each person who attends our retreats to confront unconscious patterns and resistances within their own life, to move to a new space of freedom and liberation.



After a career in environmental NGOs, Vanessa’s journey brought her to ancestral medicines in 2015 and she has been coordinating and facilitating healing retreats since 2018. An experienced medicine facilitator and yoga and meditation teacher, she enjoys bringing together healing modalities and philosophies in an open way of exploring healing for each soul who is present. Her approach is anchored in unconditionality, the return to trust and the movement from the head to the heart. Vanessa is fully bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish

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With over 10 years experience as a Psychologist and Arts Therapist, Fernando has a great deal of practical and theoretical tools to support people in their personal development and growth. 

He is an experienced ancestral medicine guide, having spent almost every weekend for over four years hosting, facilitating, and supporting people on their personal exploration of "self" and "other." 

Fernando hosts online learning as well as individual sessions to guide, support, and accompany our participants on their developmental journey.


Dr. Mauricio Albanes


Mauricio is a medical doctor and heart surgeon, located in Spain. Following a life-changing near death experience some years ago, Mauricio decided to change course and has spent the last four years studying entheogenic substances and kambo in great detail. He provides expert medical advice and supervision to our team for every individual who attends our retreats to ensure that we work in the safest way possible.



After spending over 10 years travelling the world, Jade now works in childcare and as a natural medicine facilitator. As well as having over four years' experience with natural medicines, Jade works with a range of meditation techniques and holistic healing methodologies and shares these during our retreats.

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